4x Email Revenue During Black Friday

How we skyrocketed our client’s email during Black Friday 2020,
boasting a 4x increase of email revenue.
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Email Revenue Vs.
Previous 2 Months
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Abandoned Cart
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Better Conversion
Than Industry


Low Revenue, No Preparation for Black Friday

When we took over this design and apparel brand, they were generating a bit more than $80,000 per month.

It was October 2020, and we had to take advantage of the upcoming Black Friday and holiday season (November and December 2020).

We didn’t know the potential of our new brand, since they hadn’t launched a proper Black Friday campaign before. We took on the challenge to increase their revenue and – oh boy! – did we achieve that.


2x Email Campaigns & Smart Segmentation

We knew that Black Friday is the highest-grossing period for every eCommerce brand and the audience is in a buying mode.

That’s why we segmented the audience depending on their past behavior and doubled the frequency of email campaigns to capture more revenue.

We also revamped the automated flows to reflect the holiday period in their messaging and visuals.


2x Email Campaigns

During November-December 2020, we sent 2x more emails than the client had sent during September-October. The holiday period is full of revenue-generating opportunities, so we capitalized on that big time.

To keep getting our emails opened & engaging, we personalized each campaign based on the day and the subscriber segment.

Our messaging was targeted, simple, and emotion-based. We used stock scarcity and limited-time deals to boost sales. We also encouraged gifting and 1+1 offers.


If a subscriber gets an email every other day, they’re likely to tune out or – even worse – unsubscribe and mark the email as spam.

To avoid that, we segmented our client’s lists, so that each person only received a couple of highly targeted emails per week.

We also created a VIP list of subscribers who opted-in to get the best Black Friday and holiday deals first.

Our smart personalization & segmentation boosted our client’s open, click, and conversion rates.

Automated Flows

For the holiday period, we revamped the automated flows to be more upbeat, emotional, and celebratory. Nobody wants to hang out with a Debbie Downer.

The automated flows highlighted the natural stock scarcity due to the holiday period and encouraged upsells & gifting.



Oct 2020

Nov 2020

Abandoned Cart
$ / Recipient

Oct 2020

Nov 2020


Industry Conversion

Our Conversion

Our client’s email revenue quadrupled from October to

November! (4.11x, to be exact.)

To put things into perspective, their total revenue for October was $81,769,57 (see figures above)! Now, that’s quite some growth…

What’s more, all of their email flows brought in more bucks per recipient. The Abandoned Cart sequence boasted a 113% increase in revenue, while the Customer Thank You sequence more than doubled its revenue per recipient!

Finally, most of our metrics beat the peer group metrics of our industry (according to accurate benchmark numbers provided by Klaviyo), but, most impressively, our conversion rate during that period beat our competitors by almost 2 times! (1.8x to be exact, see figure below.)

More often than not, Zoronto outperformed 96-99% of our competitors in key areas of the Black Friday & holiday email marketing period.

For proof, feel free to examine the Klaviyo screenshots below.


Our client’s growth didn’t stop in November. Their December sales kept pouring in, stabilizing to double the amount of revenue they used to get back in September and October. Since then, their business has bloomed, with more recurring buyers than ever before!

Since then, their business has bloomed, with more recurring buyers than ever before!

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